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Reliable Performing Glass Lens Green Line Laser Module

lasermodule | 14 May, 2019 07:32

Without the adoption of formal manual line drawing or mechanical line alignment devices, in order to get clear enough line generation on multiple raw material surfaces, it is just the time to select advanced laser tech applied green line laser module. The genuine laser line alignment is not affected by manual operation or any other long distance or complex working environments etc. When it is getting easy use of external DC input power supply, within wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, green reference line is clearly visible at quite long distance and high lighting working occasions.

In multiple working environments, including those of long distance line targeting work field, green line laser module is generating quite visible and bright green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser part. It is generating highly intense green laser light at several miles far away. When it is getting quite low beam divergence, green reference line is just available with super high line fineness and straightness. It is able to get as fine as 1mm to 2mm line thickness at 2 meters line targeting distance. In formal industrial and high tech line aligning works, this laser line generator is only allowing operation within the maximum work distance of 25 meters.

In order to get highly fine line generation on multiple raw material surfaces, green line laser module is selecting qualified glass coated lens. In order to make sure of super strong environmental stabilization, it is getting much better performance than plastic coated lens since it is getting no appearance of laser light decay or blur in continuous work. In addition, when it is trying to make continuous line alignment stably, this laser line generator also passes through quite strict laser beam stability tests and special glass window of laser beam aperture. Under moisture or dust working occasion, this green line laser is not affected at all, but still keeping highly reliable green line projection in continuous work.

When users are trying to make continuous line alignment, this green line laser module is just used as an accessory part. It is operated easily, under the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket, green reference line is easily reaching any raw material surface and leaving no track. After operation of high power alignment laser for long distance line alignment work, user should never make eye exposure and remember to wear professional laser safety glasses until achieving easy and quick measurement perfectly.



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