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Easy Mounting 515nm Green Laser Diode Module

lasermodule | 23 October, 2017 04:13

What is your selection to get clear enough dot alignment at quite long work distance? Before the use of advanced laser tech applied 515nm green laser diode module, majority of users would always seek help from a simple sticker, laser pointer or other manual dot targeting tool. However, under condition that users are looking for high speed and high accuracy dot aligning on various working surfaces, it is just becoming the only one choice for users to have a try of laser dot alignment tool. When green laser beam is pointed directly from 515nm green laser diode, and getting quite nice designed metal heat sink cooling system, this green laser module is always effective enough to gain highly stable and reliable green reference dot targeting on all working surfaces.

The genuine work with 515nm green laser diode module is not the same as any other manual dot targeting tool. Anyway, in order to make 515nm green laser diode much more applicable for current industrial precise machinery processing works, laser diode tech engineer has just paid high attention to its work stability. According to its equipment with a DC input power supply, supported by 3V and 8.4V DC input power supply, this 515nm green laser module is able to support super high power of up 50mW.

Inside the tube of 515nm green laser diode module, it is just getting the selection of glass coated lens, besides its formal close distance dot targeting work, this dot laser alignment tool is also getting quite wonderful dot aligning at quite long work distance without any appearance of laser light decay or blur in long term use. In addition, according to its quite cautious design of glass window in front of laser beam aperture part, although the real green laser dot targeting is processed under moisture working occasion, it is still not be affected at all. The whole process of laser dot alignment is also keeping reliable aligning performance under moisture and dust working environments as well.

Available with quite larger dimension design of 16 and 26mm diameter laser tube, 515nm green laser diode module is always getting larger space reserving as its cooling system. It is just making perfect configuration with APC driving circuit board, just keeping constant output power and electric current supply in long term use. Whenever users are paying high attention to powerful green laser light, and getting correct selection of output power, after quite simple screw of laser beam aperture part, focused green alignment laser dot is just able to make great work for all kinds of high precision dot aligning work fields. Anytime users are trying to wear a pair of laser safety glasses, high power green laser module can also get safe aligning perfectly.


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