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Uniform Beam Distribution Blue Line Laser Module Review

lasermodule | 02 November, 2017 11:29

If users are not able to make a high speed and high accuracy line alignment at quite long work distance, it is always a good chance for users to seek help from a blue line laser module. It is an advanced laser diode tech innovation, when it is making use of import 445nm blue laser diode and high quality separate crystal lens, whatever kind of working surface, this laser line generator is just effective enough to get the highest level of accuracy blue line targeting. The real line alignment is just not affected by any other working environments, and making sure of quite low price and low labor force line targeting for all kinds of precise machinery processing works.

The laser beam from blue line laser module is not the same as a blue laser pointer. When it is generating line from separate crystal lens, this laser line generator is just obtaining non Gaussian laser beam, which is forming into the same line brightness blue line from its middle part towards both ends. According to its free choice of optic lens degree from 10 degree to 93 degree, blue alignment laser line is just available with different line length. In multiple and quite complex environments, it is just able to generate the longest blue line of 6 meters. According to correct choice of output power and optic lens degree, this blue laser alignment is not only workable for formal industrial line alignment work, but also generating super marvelous blue light for special work fields, including military targeting, laser medical treatment device, and laser showing system etc.

In a large variety of line alignment work fields, blue line laser module should be applied in multiple working occasions. It is making use of high quality metal housing in type of aluminum alloy material, together with qualified copper raw material made 445nm blue laser diode, this laser line generator is always effective enough to gain the most wonderful thermal conductivity in long term continuous line alignment, but also obtaining high stability blue reference line targeting in wide operating temperature as well.

The real line alignment with high power 445nm blue line laser module is merely affected by working environments. When blue line is pointed under quite harsh occasion, such as strong interference or strong static, the real line alignment is not affected at all, but still keeping reliable enough blue alignment laser line targeting easily. Anytime users are making line alignment with such high power blue laser module, in order to avoid hurt by thermal energy, according to proper wearing a pair of laser safety goggles, users just gets no danger line alignment all the time.


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