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Quick Mounted Separate Crystal Lens Green Laser Line Generator

lasermodule | 19 November, 2017 09:41

Once users are trying to make a quite easy line alignment on quite longer distance, it is no doubt a challenge work until users are getting the chance to make good use of separate crystal lens green laser line generator. Owing to its quite bright and visible green laser beam emission, unless its sunlight line alignment work, a correct output power made green laser module is always bringing users no mistake and high speed green reference line targeting on required working surfaces. According to its proper selections of both output power and optic lens degree, this green laser module just makes sure of no mistake and high fineness green line targeting effectively.

The use of separate crystal lens has just made green laser line generator quite unique in any type of line aligning work. When green laser beam is generating from its laser beam aperture part, it is always available with high uniformity of up to 80%. Green reference line is keeping the same line thickness and brightness from its middle part towards both ends. Comparing with formally used glass coated lens or plastic coated lens, green alignment laser line is not only keeping no decay light emission, but also ensuring the brightest laser light emission in all targeting surfaces. In process of highest level of accuracy line alignment is in need, this separate crystal lens made green laser module is always the first choice to do so.

Within quite wide range optic lens degree from 10 degree to 93 degree, separate crystal lens made green laser line generator is able to generate different line length in use. It is a no decay light performing green laser module. However, in order to maintain its reliable performance in long term continuous line aligning work, it is allowing maximum operating time of more than 8 to 10 hours a day. Only if green laser module tube is getting time for cooling down, it is just able to avoid laser tube burning out or damage caused by serious increasing temperature. Under condition that this line laser alignment is being used with proper laser safety and laser measuring rules, it is easily obtaining extremely long serving lifetime of more than 8000 hours.

When green laser line generator is getting proper selection of both output power and optic lens degree, it is just easily obtaining a no mistake line alignment all the time. On condition that users are trying to get quick line targeting, it is just not a problem. In addition, no matter what kind of output power it is selected, this alignment laser is always getting superior thermal conductivity and APC driving circuit design, maintaining constant green reference line targeting effectively. On condition that users are remembering to wear a pair of laser safety glasses, this green laser module just gets no danger use all the time.


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